Nordicspace is a Sydney based Interior Design practice with a nordic aesthetic.

In a world where trends are short lived and information is instantly global, we are inspired by the simple, raw and timeless.


Jessica Enander is an Interior Designer from Stockholm.

After living in Sydney for the past 15 years, she has recently moved to Mornington Peninsula outside of Melbourne.

With over 10 years of experience as an Interior Designer - working for some of Sydney's leading design firms and furniture companies, as well as running her own projects since 2010 - Jessica has a broad knowledge of both residential and commercial interiors. With a focus on timeless, simple and functional spaces that can stand the test of time - she is passionate about delivering inspiring and functional interiors.

"Over the years working as a designer I started to feel the need for a deeper connection with the products and interiors I was working on. With a daily overload of information of new products, patterns and trends, I  started to crave the simplicity, quality and timeless style of my nordic heritage .

These aesthetic principals are now at the core of my work and inspire me endlessly. Nordicspace was created as a means for me to express this style and hopefully inspire others". 

Jessica Enander - Nordicspace

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